Manage Your Blood Sugar with Tequila Plant

Maintaining your blood sugar to a good level is very important for you to perform rather well in anything you’d like to do. However, for some people who often gets thirsty, hungry and urinates often, this information is very important to help them live a normal life and keep a normal life like any other ordinary person would. Diabetes may be one of the hardest diseases to live by because it’s for a lifetime but with proper care, medical attention and healthy lifestyle habits, you can beat this illness and live a stress-free and healthy life without any problem.

Maintaining your blood sugar

While it is diabetics who are the most anxious of keeping their blood sugar to a level, they are not the only ones concerned to keeping their blood sugars normal. You may not have diabetes right now but if you don’t start certain working on certain preventive measures, you may have it yourself sooner or later. Or if you are already a diabetic, the best way to do things is to prevent your blood sugar from toppling over to the brink of danger level.

What makes your blood sugar too high?

Glucose (that is, blood sugar) comes from the food we eat. Normally, our body has natural mechanism to break down glucose and make sure that it’s properly used. In fact, the peptide hormone insulin produced by the pancreas is the one responsible for regulating your blood sugar in the body. However, the case is that not all bodies have properly working pancreas or sometimes, it is your insulin levels that are too low.

Managing your blood sugar

We get glucose by the food we eat. And the more you like to eat food, the more you’re likely t have glucose in your bloodstream. That, combined with little physical activity, stress, illness, injury, infection or even surgery can cause your blood pressure to spike up even when you are not diabetic. If you already are, that may mean to be fatal and must be attended to immediately.

Tequila plant & Diabetes

The good news is that diabetics don’t have to worry about maintaining their blood sugar levels normal anymore. Research has it that the “tequila” or agave plant is a promising breakthrough into the stabilization of blood sugar among diabetic patients and even more into some serious case of illness and diseases. Scientist reported at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society that the agave plant is an ideal source of “fructans” which help the body fight osteoporosis and cover other health issues as well.

Considered as a functional food, fructans affect the body’s processes positively simply by reducing the risk of certain diseases entering your body resulting to a better overall health. The head of the study from the National Polytechnic Institute, Guanajuato, Mexico, Mercedes Lpez, Ph. D., delivered a most promising account of the agave plant having fructans and fructans as helpful ingredients beneficial not only to people with osteoporosis but even those who are obese, at risk of colon cancer and diabetes. Fructans stimulates your immune system thereby limiting the production of the disease-causing bacteria in your intestines which causes constipation or worst, colon cancer.

Understanding fructans

Fructans, in general, non-digestible form of carbohydrates made up from molecules of fructose which is the same kind of sugar found in most ripe fruits like grapes and natural sweeteners like honey. However, the molecules of fructose found in fructants are complexly linked together making them even better than ripe fruits. However, using tequila or agave plant for a morning tea to stabilize your blood sugar and drinking tequila straight up are two different things. Why, tequila don’t have any fructans in them once they are processed and fermented because the fructans are then converted to alcohol.

It just seem fitting that since fructans helps lower your blood sugar levels by stimulating the growth of helpful bacterias and increases your body’s absorption of minerals, including it in your diet regimen is the next best thing to do to prevent your diabetes from giving you a headache and making you feel less and less energized. But the good news doesn’t just stop right here. While fructans are also present in other foods such as chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic and onions, preferring the Agave plant is better because they are abundant and have better faculties of increasing the production of incretins that is responsible to increasing the amount of insulin in your body. Now, that’s just great news for diabetics and people with high levels of blood sugar.

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